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About Kevin

For Kevin, it is a privilege to practice law, protecting the rights of his clients. Whether facing a legal matter, imposing the most difficult time of their life, or seeking counsel for guidance on rights as an informed consumer, Kevin affords his clients compassion, support and a voice for their legal platform.

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Our Experiences Define Us

We are the product of our life experiences. Experiences which humble us allow for the appreciation of great fortune. What one defines as great fortune arises from integrity built upon humility.

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What Kevin's clients have to say about him.

  • Kim C.
  • Client

I contacted Kevin to help me through a family crisis.  Me and my kids were homeless.  Kevin got right on my case. He worked really hard and very fast.  We spent one day in court and within a couple days me and my kids were back in our home.  Kevin also had a PPO issued and the harassment stopped.  Kevin is fabulous.  He got me through all that and is still helping me.

  • Shawn G.
  • Client

I was lucky to have been introduced to Kevin through a fellow veteran.  He takes very good care of regular clients and also takes care of veterans. During my first meeting with Kevin he was very sincere.  He went out of his way to assist me. He picked me up and took me to court.  Kevin spoke very well with passion while addressing the judge at my arraignment. He was able to get the judge to grant a P.R. bond to keep me out of jail. Overall my expectations have been exceeded. I could not be happier with being referred to Kevin. I am glad I gave him a call.  As a veteran working with another veteran there is an immediate bond, a connection you feel.  As a vet I highly recommend Kevin.

  • Bob H.
  • Client

Personally, Kevin is compassionate and understanding. He makes you feel there is hope and that everything is going to be OK. He helped me to believe that you can change if you want to change. Kevin is very honest. He told me the truth, how it was.  That’s what it’s all about, knowing the truth and where I stand and go from there. Kevin is a good guy, good sense of humor, works hard to help others. Very resourceful, he will answer any questions and if he doesn’t have the answer he will find it.  We all have a testimony, Kevin was honest about himself and that helped me out.

  • Christie C.
  • Client

Kevin’s remarkable legal acumen and personable approach to caring for his clients has proven invaluable for my small business. His counsel provided me with legal direction, advising me on contracts and other legal documents, which allowed me to be better prepared and informed while supported in making the best decisions for my business. His expertise and genuine appreciation for how these matters affect me both personally and professionally have been invaluable. I have found Kevin’s counsel to be beyond reproach.

On a personal matter Kevin represented my brother through his divorce. Kevin was very personable and upfront with my brother explaining all possible outcomes.  He also provided counsel in areas of life my brother was facing challenges and seeking to make changes. After all was settled Kevin’s hard work and concern for my nieces brought the best possible outcome for my brother and his three children. Our family is deeply grateful to Kevin for all he has done.

  • Christen B.
  • Client

Kevin is very professional. He is easy to work with and very personable. He came highly recommended to me by a friend and when I contacted him he got back to me in a timely manner.  Kevin was very willing to answer my questions and walk me through all the steps in my divorce.  I would use him again if needed.

  • Amy G.
  • Client

Kevin is a very good lawyer.  He is easy to work with and helped me to make payment arrangements.